Monday, February 16, 2009

An artsy feature

Even as a child I was a fan of art. I have always loved going to museums and looking at art.
This shop,ArtsAFire is full of work, that in my opinion should be in galleries and museums.

1. How did you get started doing your art?
It was actually kind of a fluke. I've always been terrible at stick figures and I envied all of my friends who could draw these incredibly cute stick figures. So I thought I couldn't do any art. But I went through kind of a hard time in my early teen years and I picked up a pencil one night and started drawing Dragonball Z cartoons (I was SO cool--but they're still some of my favorite drawings!). That was the night I discovered that I had some talent. I still can't draw stick figures, though. I started painting in college and that's been my favorite medium ever since.

2. Why do you create?
I suppose it started as an outlet for me to kind of get away from the world. That outlet grew into a hobby and that hobby grew into a passion. Now, instead of doing it to get away from the world, I do it to 1) make myself happy, and 2) share myself with the world.

3. What is your favorite item to make?
Action paintings are definitely my favorite. I currently only have one set of action paintings in my Etsy shop (Space, 24 x 60) but those are my favorite to create. I have several more in our house because my husband loves them as much as I do and I have plans to include more in my shop.

4. What do you like about Etsy?
I love the friendships I've found (and even re-discovered!) at Etsy. It's a really great community and everyone is very welcoming. I also love that it's a place that allows me to share my art with the world. So far it's been very well received so I hope that continues.

5. Where do you make your work?
Currently, on my living room floor. About 3 hours into a painting my body really starts to feel it! We're in the process of selling our bed in our guest bedroom so we can turn that into a full-time studio for me. At that point, I'll finally have a comfortable place to work.

6. Tell us anything else that you would like us to know.
I have to give a shout-out to my grandfather. I definitely got my talent from him. Completely different styles, but he's always been my inspiration. He has Multiple Sclerosis and painting is his outlet. I've always wanted to be like him. He also has an Etsy shop, which I manage for him. The link is in my shop.

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Sara said...

Thank you so much for this feature! I've been out of town so this is the first time I saw it. :) Thank you for the compliments!!